What is AVG Cleaner for Android™?

AVG Cleaner is a free app for your Android phone or tablet that is designed to free up precious memory and boost your device’s performance. The app lets you not only quickly clean up your web browser, calling, and text messaging (SMS) histories, but also helps you identify and remove apps’ unwanted cached data.

What are the minimum system requirements for installing and running AVG Cleaner?

To install and run AVG Cleaner, you need a smartphone or tablet running Android 2.2 or higher.

Can I use AVG Cleaner on both a smartphone and tablet?

Yes. AVG Cleaner can run on both Android phones and tablets, but the app layout is phone oriented.

What does “History” clean?

AVG Cleaner can free up space by deleting stored history information. After tapping the “History” tile, you will be offered to clean:

  1. Browser History – This is a list of all websites you’ve visited using your mobile browser. This action clears the history of the default web browser that comes with the Android operating system.
  2. Downloads History – This is a list of downloads done by the web browser. This action clears the downloads of only the default web browser that comes with the Android operating system.
    The Clean operation deletes:
    2.1 Files (enabled by default)
    2.2 Media files (Pictures, Music and Video files)
    The Clean operation does not delete media files by default. If you wish to delete these files as well, you will need to confirm the request by tapping “Include” in the following dialog box that appears when you check this option:
  3. Clipboard History – Items that were copied to the clipboard’s virtual storage will be deleted.

The above items are selected by default.

If you wish to keep the history of one of the above sections, simply uncheck the checkbox for that section. It’s also possible to clean the history of other apps like Google Play.

If you’d like to clear all your history at once, simply check the box for “All App History.”

What does “Cache” clean?

AVG Cleaner can free up space by deleting applications’ cached data. After tapping the “Cache” tile, you can decide either to clear all cached information or to do it per app. Clearing an individual app’s cache can be done by tapping the app’s name, which will open the “App info” page under your device’s Settings > Application Manager section. From there, simply tap the “Clear cache” button to clear that app’s cache.

The list of apps can be sorted by:

  1. Cache size
  2. Total size (cache plus storage size)
  3. App name (in ascending or descending order)
What does “Call & Message” clean?

By tapping the “Call & Messages” tile, AVG Cleaner can clean your calling and text messaging (SMS) history:

  1. Calls (checked by default)
    1. Incoming
    2. Outgoing
    3. Missed
  2. Text messages
    1. Received (unread)
    2. Received (read)
    3. Sent

To select any of the above lists, simply check the checkbox for your desired section.

Note: Deleting text messages (SMS) is not supported on Android v4.4 Kit-Kat devices.

What is App Uninstaller?

App Uninstaller lets you quickly view the last time you used an app and tells you how much battery, data, and space it’s using. You can then choose to remove those apps you no longer want or use to free up space for the apps you really want and to help improve your device’s performance. App Uninstaller can also be scheduled to periodically let you know which apps are eating up your memory and which are not frequently used.

What does "Sort by App Usage" do?

Selecting "Sort by App Usage" will display a list of apps along with the number of days each app has gone unused and the amount of memory that each is taking up. This list is sorted by the number of days each app has gone unused.

After activating App Uninstaller, it will take 72 hours for the “App Usage” feature to learn which of your apps are being least used. Then tap the "App Usage" tile after 72 hours to see which apps you use the least.

What does "Sort by Battery Usage" do?

Selecting “Sort by Battery Usage” will display a list of apps along with the number of days each app has gone unused and the percent of battery each app has consumed in the past 7 days. This list is sorted by percentage of battery consumption in descending order.

What does "Sort by Data Usage" do?

Selecting “Sort by Data Usage” will display a list of apps along with the number of days each app has gone unused and the amount of data (WiFi + cellular data combined) that each has consumed since your device was last rebooted.

What does "Sort by Storage Usage" do?

Selecting “Sort by Storage Usage” will display a list of apps along with the number of days each app has gone unused and the amount of space in megabytes that each is taking up on your device or SD card.

What does "Name" do?

Selecting "Name" will display the list of apps in ascending order (A-Z)

What happens when I select multiple apps to uninstall?

Upon selecting an app from the list, you will be asked to confirm its uninstallation. When selecting multiple apps, you will need to confirm each uninstallation. This is to prevent you from accidentally uninstalling something you would rather keep.

Can you uninstall apps that have device administrator permissions?

Yes. If an app has device administrator permissions, you will be prompted to first remove it from the Device Administrator list here: Device Settings > Security > Device Administrator. After you have removed it from this list, the uninstallation process will continue.

Some of my apps are not listed or are listed and cannot be uninstalled. Why?

AVG Uninstaller does not uninstall:

  1. System apps or services that are part of the Android OS. The operating system does not allow us to uninstall these.
  2. Pre-installed apps that came with your device and cannot be removed.
Does AVG Cleaner maintain a cleaning activity log?

Yes. Tap the App menu > Log for a view of the app’s activity log. The log view can be sorted by time:

  1. Last week (checked by default)
  2. Last Month
  3. Last 3 Months
  4. Since install
How do I read the memory bar?

The memory bar displays the following information:

  1. Your device’s total available memory in figures at the right
  2. In light-blue, memory space that cannot be recovered
  3. In green or orange, memory space that can be recovered

Upon reaching the threshold defined in AVG Cleaner’s settings, the display color will be changed from green to orange.

Which app settings can I change?

The following settings can be changed -

For Cleaner:

  1. Auto Clean (schedule and tasks) - “Auto Clean” makes it possible to schedule the cleaning task and decide which cleaning actions will be performed:

        a. Never (selecting this option will disable “Auto Clean”)
        b. Daily
        c. Weekly (checked by default)

    Once a scheduled cleaning activity has been performed, an “Auto Clean performed” message and icon will be displayed in your device notification area. Tapping this message will open the AVG Cleaner app.

        a. Clean App History
        b. Clean App Cache (checked by default)
        c. Clean Calls & Messages

    Checking a category from the list will open the list’s possible selections.
  2. Color Thresholds – For each item in the list, you can define the color to be displayed according to your specified data size or record number
    a. App History
    b. App Cache
    c. Calls & Messages

For Uninstaller:

  1. Advisor Frequency – Tapping this setting will allow you to choose the frequency that the advisor will suggest apps to be uninstalled (weekly by default)
  2. Advisor Settings
    2.1 App sizes to include – Tapping this setting will allow you to choose the minimum app size to include (5 MB and up by default)
    2.2 Unused Frequency - Tapping this setting will allow you to choose the minimum number of days to include (at least 1 week by default)

Note: “Advisor settings” are also used by the Advisor. Thus, the advisor will display any app that reaches the thresholds of both size and frequency.

Does AVG Cleaner have a widget?

Yes. Open your device’s Widget list and look for AVG Cleaner. Tap and hold AVG Cleaner’s widget icon and drag it to the one of your home launcher screens. From the widget you can:

  1. Open the AVG Cleaner app
  2. Run “Clear Cache”
  3. Run “Clean History”
Which languages does the app support?

The app interface supports the following languages:
English (default), Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Serbian, Spanish (Latin America), Thai, Turkish.

Note that the app’s interface language is automatically set according to the language set locally on your device and cannot be changed.

What kind of support is available for AVG Cleaner?

All users are welcome to read our FAQ section, which is constantly being updated with new questions and answers.

If you encounter a technical issue or have any questions regarding AVG Cleaner, there are 3 possible ways to contact AVG customer support:

  1. From the app Help menu, tap Contact Us
  2. You can submit a support request via the web form at http://www.avg.com/mobile-form
  3. You can email us at mobile-support@avg.com,

We will be happy to help you.

Where can I read the AVG Cleaner privacy policy statement?

To read our privacy policy statement, please click here.

Where can I read the AVG Cleaner terms of service?

To read our terms of service, please click here.